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Protect Your Property With House Washing

by Claire Tran | Dec 04, 2015

Have you noticed that your house isn't looking as new or bright as it used to? Perhaps the walls are looking dirty, and the roof is looking dull?

Regular house washing is a must if you want your house to look its best. In fact, annual house washing is often a requirement to meet the warranty conditions for products such as Colorsteel roofing and Resene or Dulux paint.

Why is house washing so important for painted surfaces?

What might look like dirt on a painted surface is often actually mould: it can be hard to tell the difference between dirt and mould just by looking at it. The only way to tell is to wet the surface and rub it: mould will turn into slime.
The problem with mould is that it disfigures the paintwork. Not only does the mould affect the fresh, clean appearance of a paint job, but it can also shorten the lifespan of the paint. Mould penetrates the painted surface, and once it's established, it'll grow through subsequent coats of paints. (That's why good pre-paint preparation with water blasting house washing is so vital.)
So if you try to paint over the mould, it will just come back. Not just that, but it will actually impair the ability of the new paint to adhere, and can cause it to flake off.

The Solution: Annual house washing from Kiwi Maintenance Group

Why should your roof have a regular house wash?

It might seem strange to wash your roof every year, after all, there is rain water constantly falling on it. But the rain water doesn't not treat airborne contaminants, such as moss, mould, lichen and salt deposits. These settle into the surface of your roof, be it tiles or Colorsteel, and cause premature breakdown of the roof material.
Once moss, mould or lichen has penetrated the paint surface of your roof, the damage has been done. It is a case of prevention being better than a cure; and in this case the prevention method is house washing.
After all, you wash your car to keep it looking good for longer; likewise a house wash will do the same for your home. (And your home is a far greater asset to protect than your car!)

The Solution: Annual house washing from Kiwi Maintenance Group

Important: Please check with your paint and/or roofing supplier for the conditions of their warranty. These can differ depending on the materials used, and also your location.

So what is house washing?

At Kiwi Maintenance Group we use environmentally-friendly products for your house wash. These are sprayed onto the surface to kill the mould spore, and are then left for a few minutes. We'll then wash the product with water, leaving a clean surface.
The house wash uses a gentle water pressure so that your home's surfaces are protected and kept intact. Because the house washing process is so gentle, it can be done on all kinds of surfaces:

In just a few hours, your house can look like new again with Kiwi Maintenance Group's house wash service!

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