Lichen on Colorsteel roof

What Happens With A Roof Cleaning Treatment?

by Claire Tran | Feb 17, 2016

How long does it take? What is used on the roof. What is the difference between a treatment and a water blast?

At Kiwi Maintenance we use environmentally-friendly products for your roof cleaning treatments. These are sprayed onto the surface to kill the mould, lichens and mould spores, and are then left for the weather (sunlight and rain) to remove.

 This process can take up to a year, or in some cases just over a year to complete, depending on the weather and how much lichen is on your roof.

We stand by our products and have been spraying roofs like this for 30 years with success. We will always check on roofs if you feel it isn't working. We can check the mould is dead and falling off to put your mind at ease.

We can also put Treatments on Paths, Driveways, Fences. The photo below shows the moss on the driveway has turned brown, showing that it is dying off. This will eventually wash away. The lichen is still there but takes a longer time to turn as it is a more evolved mould. But when touched it was starting to flake away as the structure was breaking down.

moss dying2

Water Blast Tile Roof

Water blasting gives you an instant clean but there are more Health and Safety Risks that need to be set up and addressed, this can then be reflected in the overall quote of the job. Rope Access is necessary to keep the worker safe and they need to be externally trained in working on ropes, harnesses and rescue plan in the event of a fall.

Water blast tile roof