Rope Access Maintenance (Abseil)

KMG can offer you site specific plans for any job that requires rope access

  • Cladding repairs and replacement
  • Exterior water blasting
  • Industrial/ Commercial repairs and maintenance
  • Commercial painting
  • Inspection, maintenance and cleaning
  • High-rise building, roof and gutter cleaning
  • Height Certification and Testing

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Complicated Access and Rigging

Experienced rope access operator’s IRAANZ and IRATA qualified can provide complex access and rigging techniques in order to reach places in a cost-efficient way that,  otherwise, will requires scaffolding or the use of a crane.
Rope Access Tallest North Shore
Rope Access Structural crack

Inspections, photographic samples, video footage

Our operator’s can obtain photographic samples and video footage in confined space or rope access scenarios in order to facilitate inspections to structure or machinery in a complex approach scenario.
Rope Access Rigging Reports and Plans

Detail Reports, Testing and Rigging Plans

We can provide detailed reports on visual inspections, wide range of testing (coating microns, salinity tests, anchor testing, etc.)
Rope Access Repairs

Repairs Works
Coordinating with professionals in different areas (Designers, engineers, architects, etc.)  
We can work together with different professionals in order to perform repairs on structure or machinery following detail specifications, providing Quality Assurance data sheets, daily reports on methodology and progress of work.
bridge access

Rigging for art, banners, entertainment, cable ways, film industry

Our team can work together with designers and artist in order to rig sculptures, fabrics, banners and other sort of art pieces into different structures. We can also provide rigging for performing artist and film industry.