Building Wash

Regular washing of your building will prolong your paint work, reducing the maintenance from the effects of salt and airborne pollutants. Chemical washing and anti-mould treatments are carried out to Council bylaws.

A clean building protects your investment and also says a lot about your company. You can reduce unnecessary maintenance bills by making sure that your buildings are washed regularly and correctly. An annual building wash is vital to protect the exterior surfaces from the elements.

Kiwi Maintenance Group has mobile water blasters for your every need. From driveways and paths to billboard signs.

We have Rope Access Operators (Abseilers) that can do any water blasting job required for any high access. Hot blaster cleaning also available.

Our Services Include

  • Use quality biodegradable products
  • Programmed visits to your requirements
  • We will identify any maintenance issues that might be found
  • Adherence to Council regulations
  • Water blasting - prep painting, paths, fences, driveways etc 
  • Hot Blasting

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Whether your cleaning job is large or small, we can help you.

We'll have a look at your property within 2 working days so that we can give you an accurate quote, which we'll email to you.

When you accept our quote, your job will then be booked in at the earliest convenient time: this will usually be within a week of your acceptance.

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