Roof Cleaning

Protect The Roof Over Your Head!

Regular roof cleaning is important: it prevents contaminants such as moss, lichen and fungi from taking hold of your roof. By looking after your roof, you're protecting the investment you've made in your home.

Why Use a Treatment Product, And Not Water Blasting?

When left on a surface over a period of time, mould and dirt will eat away at that surface – be it paint or Colorsteel®. Lichens (a type of mold) have a structure to them, with a skeleton and roots. They attach themselves to the roof surface very strongly, and the roots latch on to the coating.  
For this reason, a chemical treatment is used rather than a water blast. The roots of the lichen have attached themselves to the coating and in some cases when 'blasted' off they can take the coating with them.
Colorsteel® roofs are also very slippery when wet, and it's not safe for our team to be walking on them without fall-arrest systems. Because KMG spray on the treatment, less time is spent setting up safety gear, making the job more cost-effective for you.

What Happens With A Roof Cleaning Treatment?

At KMG we use environmentally-friendly products for your roof cleaning. These are sprayed onto the surface to kill the mould spore, and are then left for the weather (sunlight and rain) to remove.
The roof cleaning process uses a gentle water pressure so that your home’s surfaces are protected and kept intact.
We'll take good care when we apply the chemical to your roof, and the weather plays a big part in that. That means that we'll only do chemical spraying when the wind is low; when surfaces are dry; and when there's a forecast for 6 rain-free hours following the treatment.
That means that you may need to be a little bit patient when booking your roof cleaning job, as we'll only do it when we think that the treatment will be effective. There's no point doing the roof cleaning when there's a chance that the product will be washed away too early, or if it'll get too diluted to be effective.

KMG has the skills, know-how, certifications and equipment to clean your roof safely and effectively.

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