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Protect Your Property with House Washing

At Kiwi Maintenance Group we use environmentally-friendly products for your house wash. These are sprayed onto the surface to kill the mould spore, and are then left for a few minutes. We’ll then wash the product with water, leaving a clean surface.
The house wash uses a gentle water pressure so that your home’s surfaces are protected and kept intact. Because the house washing process is so gentle, it can be done on all kinds of surfaces: Weatherboards, Plaster, Stucco, Bricks, Cedar, Fences, Paths, Driveways, Decks.

A house wash is not just cleaning the walls but also outside of the gutters, under soffits (eves), all the way to the ground.  During the house wash everything is thoroughly rinsed down, even windows, being careful around them to minimise any water leakage.

If after your house wash you wish to have your windows sparkling clean, we also provide a professional window cleaning service where they can be hose and brushed and bladed clean. 

In just a few hours, your house can look like new again with Kiwi Maintenance Group’s house wash service!

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