Kiwi Moss Treatment

Why should You?

  •    Developed for commercial use

  •    High Concentration

  •    The same product we at KMG use

  •    Active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride

Incredible Product

  •    Best applied first thing in the morning or last thing at night when no rain is expected for 12 hours

  • ·     DO NOT apply in direct sunlight

  • ·      Biodegradable formula with low toxicity for plants and animals

  • ·     2.5L concentrate makes up to 50L ready to us

  •   Will cover approx. 250-300m2 dependent on what is being treated, water pressure, how generous the application, surface being treated.

  •   Automatic Mixing – Hose end deflector provides FAN for wide coverage and NO hosing or scrubbing required

  • Works over time “spray and leave”

Price Comparisons

Our Price                      $44.95 incl GST for 2.5L

30 seconds                   $43.99 incl GST for 2L

Wet & Forget               $99.99 incl GST for 2L

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